What are the common signs of dyslexia?

Although no two people who have dyslexia will experience identical symptoms, here is a brief list of some common signs dyslexia might be present. NB A checklist can never provide diagnosis alone, and you should seek a full diagnostic assessment and report from a trained professional if you wish to find out more.

  1. Has a relative who had literacy difficulties
  2. Says ‘thingy’, ‘whatsit’, or points, instead of naming (word finding difficulties)
  3. Has difficulty sounding out words and / or spelling
  4. Confuses maths symbols: +, -, ÷, ×
  5. Has difficulty learning times tables and remembering number bonds
  6. Finds learning sequences such as of days of the week, months of the year and / or the alphabet difficult
  7. Has a history of slow speech development
  8. Is excessively tired after school
  9. Exhibits symptoms of school anxiety, complaining of illness, fearing the end of holidays, poor behaviour at school etc.
  10. Has been labelled lazy, careless, or told they make silly mistakes