Teacher Education

Our training aims to improve academic outcomes for all students, and incorporates practical, low cost, evidence based teaching practices to support students with specific learning difficulties.

Inspired Education Services offers in school teacher training on a wide range of subjects including best teaching practices for literacy and specific learning difficulties (SpLDs). Bespoke options can be arranged to suit your school’s needs. Please call for details.

  • Using a structured language approach to improve literacy outcomes for all students
  • Evidence based practices – what works and what doesn’t when it comes to teaching literacy
  • Multisensory teaching – principles and methods
  • Cost free, classroom strategies to support learners with specific learning difficulties
  • Teaching reading to high school students who are struggling
  • Writing and delivering effective individual education plans
  • Teaching phonics, morphology, semantics, syntax and orthography
  • What are specific learning difficulties (covers dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Asperger’s and language impairment)
  • Spotting at risk students in the classroom – what are the signs?
  • Early indicators and early interventions programs
  • Supporting learners with specific learning difficulties; self-esteem, resilience, independence
  • Managing challenging behaviour using proactive rather than reactive practices
  • How specific learning difficulties can impact maths plus strategies for teaching maths to students with SpLDs
  • Using planning sheets, structuring devices and computers to improve writing
  • The reading brain – understanding the circuit and targeting specific areas of weakness with effective, evidence based instruction
  • Measuring success – how can we be sure our intervention is working?
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