The Ten Minute Tutor

The Ten Minute Tutor Program was developed by  Liz Dunoon: 

  • Teacher and Tutor
  • Mother of three children with dyslexia
  • Editor of
  • Creator of The Ten Minute Tutor
  • Key note speaker at The National Learning Difficulties Conference
  • Advisor to the federal minister for education on dyslexia in schools
  • Co-founder of Dyslexia Empowerment Week

Ten Minute Tutor is a video and worksheet program that is done over the internet with Liz. Children log into the program and watch the tutorials and complete the worksheets. Children can start at a level appropriate to them and can repeat lessons as required. The Ten Minute tutor provides logical explanations on the spot, making it easy for children to understand.

The “Ten Minute Tutor” is extremely effective because it uses evidence-based teaching methods combined with multisensory teaching techniques.


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