Online Courses

If you work 1:1 with struggling readers, chances are you have been…


  • Pulling resources from everywhere to try to put together your program but still feel you’re falling short for your students
  • Getting dizzy trying to implement all your learning into 30-60 minute sessions that will really propel your students forward
  • Feel that despite being studious and hard working, you just aren’t reaching those strugglers as much as you’d like
  • Sacrificing your family time and weekends planning and programming


If you said, yes, yes and YES! to the above, you need these courses.


These courses are designed by Inspired Education Services and can be taken anyone, anywhere, anytime!


Click on the tiles below to find out more information about each course.


At this stage, we have an online synthetic phonics course and a vocabulary course. We are also developing a morphology course for you that will be released in the future.


Synthetic Phonics Course
Online Vocabulary Course