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Gold Coast 29th June 2018 / Brisbane 6th & 13th July 2018 / Logan 20th July 2018

Dyslexia & Reading Difficulties Workshop

For teachers, teacher’s aids, speech therapists and parents who want to teach struggling children to love reading.


The Workshop

The Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties Workshop is an event for teachers, teacher’s aides, speech therapists and parents looking for a deeper understanding and evidence-based techniques to help their children or students.


The one-day workshop has very limited seats to ensure deep level learning. You will learn specific lesson examples and how to teach them through hands on activities, giving attendees the opportunity to learn from each other and ask personalised questions. All attendees have the opportunity to join the IES online forum for ongoing mentoring and Q&A.


The sessions will focus on theory, tactics, and techniques to help children overcome reading difficulty and to love reading. 

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Format of the day


Session one – Causes of reading difficulties and fundamentals in reading.

This session focuses on the nature of reading difficulties and what causes children to struggle. We then dive into how to teach phonemic awareness, phonics and syllables engaging children through multisensory learning to get them excited about reading. This session is jam-packed with practical strategies, tips and lesson ideas for all ages.


Session two – Foundation of words and vocabulary

Enjoy a deeper level understanding of words including morphology (meaningful units within words) and etymology (word history). Discover the magic of teaching reading, spelling and vocabulary using morphology and etymology, perfect for children who are spelling phonetically but not accurately. You will never look at words the same way again!


Session three – Overcoming comprehension difficulties

Reading comprehension is the ultimate goal in reading, yet so many students struggle with it. Learn about the language processing skills that underlie reading comprehension and participate in a range of activities that support development of these language skills. You will take away easy to use lesson ideas, implementable strategies, website and book suggestions to continue your learning.

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Inspired Education Services
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Meet the presenter – Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell - Inspired Education Services

Sarah Mitchell is the founder of Inspired Education Services; she’s dedicated to helping children, teachers and families struggling with dyslexia, literacy development and specific learning difficulties.

With over a decade of experience researching and working with students with specific learning difficulties, alongside a Bachelor of Primary Education, Oxford Cambridge Reward (OCR) Level 5 Certificate in teaching learners with SpLDs, and OCR Level 7 Diploma in assessing learners with SpLDs.

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