1:1 Coaching for Parents

Discover the best strategies to help your child

1:1 Coaching for Parents

Do you want to help your struggling child but don’t know where to start?
If you are the parent of a child with dyslexia it can be very difficult to find effective ways to support them.
It’s likely you’ve spent hours doing internet research – joined Facebook support groups – done all the ‘things’…
but now you’re suffering information overload.
There is so much information out there – and loads of it seems to say ‘do this!’ – ‘no, never do that!’ It’s so confusing!
Being the parent of a child with dyslexia can be a lonely and emotional journey.

If you’re like many of the parents I’ve worked with, you’ve tried:


  • Seeking professional help, but it didn’t quite hit the mark.
  • Home support programs, but they didn’t fit your child’s exact needs – or suit the needs of your whole family.
  • Homeschooling because you don’t feel the education system met your child’s needs.
Many parents of children with dyslexia feel the same way. They want to do something but they don’t know what.
What if you could have a specialist on hand to help you navigate the best path for your child’s individual needs??

Learn what you can do as a parent. 

Whether you home school or advocate for your child at school, Sarah can work closely with you to get the best outcomes for your child.
1:1 coaching provides you with the right information at the right time for your learning journey and your child’s current needs.


You will receive:


  • Education so you can save precious time and money by avoiding common pitfalls and poor advice
  • Homework help so you can avoid those temper tantrums and re-establish a healthy relationship with your child
  • Home school programming support so you can save time and get your life back
  • Support and tips to help you feel more confident about what you’re doing for your child 
  • Resource suggestions that give you a step-by-step plan – no need for information overwhelm
  • Assurance that you are doing the very best possible for you and your family with a customised plan and expert in your back pocket!


Gain a thorough understanding of your child’s profile so you can…


  • laser target intervention
  • stop wasting time and money on ineffective interventions
  • advocate with confidence at school
  • approach your child with more understanding and patience

What is the coaching process? heading_arrow

  1. Let’s chat. Jump on a discovery call with me to discuss your concerns and how I can help. If you want to move forward, we can arrange a time to meet.

  1. In our first 1 hour session, we will cover your concerns and develop strategies.
  2. You will start implementing the strategies we discuss. 4 X weekly emails are offered to support you throughout the week, in addition to our monthly face to face.

  1. Each time we meet we will discuss the strategies, process and other steps we can take to get results for your child.
  2. Our Inspired Parents Group is open for you to get additional support from other parents. I run monthly live coaching sessions where you can ask questions and get answers from myself and others experiencing the same thing.

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email at sarah@inspirededucationservices.com.au to