Dyslexia Assessments

Our assessment process fosters self-awareness and self-acceptance, and provides a range of strategies to help overcome the challenges of dyslexia.

Full diagnostic assessments

A full diagnostic assessment involves administering a number of standardised tests, which provide information about the cognitive abilities of the individual. This type of assessment is used to understand the way in which the student processes information, and identifies the presence of dyslexia. Dyslexia testing usually takes around 2 hours with the student, after which a detailed written report with recommendations is produced.

Current wait times are less than 4 weeks and you will be provided with a report within 2 weeks of the assessment date.

Maths assessments

Children may struggle in Maths for a variety of reasons. Our Maths assessments provide a standardised score of where the child sits in relation to their peers as well as information about the areas of Maths they need help with. A brief report is provided so that this information can be communicated with the child’s school and recommendations are made.

What is the benefit of assessment?

Assessment does more than simply provide a label. While identifying and naming specific learning difficulties is one aim, assessment provides full, cognitive profiling, which can be very helpful in devising effective learning programs, teaching the student appropriate learning strategies, and building self-esteem. Assessment identifies areas of strength as well as need, so that the strengths may be exploited to support any weaknesses.



Dyslexia assessment            Gold Coast           Dyslexia testing                        Gold Coast
Dyslexia assessment            Gold Coast            Dyslexia testing                       Gold Coast
Dyslexia assessment            Gold Coast             Dyslexia testing                      Gold Coast
Dyslexia assessment            Gold Coast             Dyslexia testing                    Gold Coast
Dyslexia assessment            Gold Coast             Dyslexia testing                   Gold Coast

What is the process for a full diagnostic assessment? heading_arrow

  1. A background questionnaire is completed by the parent which flags up risk factors related to the various specific learning difficulties and guides the assessment process.

  1. An assessment session lasting approximately 2 hours is conducted.
  2. The tests are scored and a full diagnostic report is produced, including recommendations for parents, teachers, and tutors or special needs teachers providing extra support one to one. This is completed within 2 weeks of the assessment session

  1. A face to face feedback session is arranged. The report is explained and any questions may be asked. Many parents find this the most helpful part of the process and many assessment providers do not offer this service
  2. Follow up action is critical and requires parents to seek out the resources and approaches listed in order to best support the child. Ongoing support is available to teachers and parents as they implement the assessment recommendations.

I’m not sure whether to go ahead with the assessment:

Most parents and children are relieved to have answers after an assessment. Many found they could finally understand they were not ‘thick’ or ‘slow’, but like everyone else, had their own, individual set of strengths and needs. Cognitive profiling empowers the student to approach learning in a way more suited to their own needs. The recommendations made in the report can improve the educational provision the child receives by raising awareness and understanding. Assessment is a worthwhile investment.

Wait times are less than 4 weeks and you will be provided with a report within 2 weeks of the assessment date.

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