Dyslexia Assessment

Discover your child's unique learning profile so you can help them in the fastest and most effective ways.

Dyslexia assessment and action plan package


No referral needed. 

  • Have you had a nagging suspicion that your child might have dyslexia for a while?
  • Do well meaning relatives or teachers often say “He’ll come round” or “They all get there in their own time, just be patient”?
  • Do you wonder whether you’re over-reacting and so you’re reluctant to seek help?


If your gut tells you something is wrong, chances are, there is! You’ve probably read checklists, done online quizzes, talked to other parents whose kids are dyslexic and thought “That sounds just like my child!” Don’t hesitate to seek help. There is no such thing as a “late bloomer”. Children whose help is delayed simply fall further behind their peers. The good news is, so much can be done to support your child and improve your family life. The earlier your child is supported the better, but it’s never too late! Assessment is a great way to get started in supporting your struggling child and is available for children aged 6-16 years.


With this package, you’ll be able to:

  • End the doubt and find out whether your concerns are justified with a free, 30-minute discovery call
  • Learn whether your child has traits of dyslexia through a full review of your child’s background history questionnaire
  • Find out exactly how your child’s brain ‘works’ with a 2-hour assessment session
  • Know exactly which programs to buy, what to advocate for at school and how to start driving laser targeted progress with a detailed report including individual, targeted recommendations for you, your child’s teachers and their tutor
  • Be sure you’re on the right track with expert guidance and support during the 45-minute post-assessment meeting
  • Continue to learn and be supported throughout your journey with lifetime membership to our parent community
  • Be confident that every teacher at your child’s school knows about learning difficulties and how best to support their students with our ** Limited time BONUS offer – a free, 1-hour, whole staff, in-school training session worth over $500!


Gain a thorough understanding of your child’s profile so you can laser target intervention, stop wasting time and money on ineffective interventions, advocate more confidently at school and approach your child with more understanding and patience. Download our information sheet today to learn more.

Still not sure if assessment is right for you?

Take our dyslexia quiz and we will email you to let you know whether assessment would be worthwhile.

What is the process for a full diagnostic assessment? heading_arrow

  1. A background questionnaire is completed by the parent which flags up risk factors related to the various specific learning difficulties and guides the assessment process.

  1. An assessment session lasting approximately 2 hours is conducted.
  2. The tests are scored and a full diagnostic report is produced, including recommendations for parents, teachers, and tutors or special needs teachers providing extra support one to one. This is completed within 2 weeks of the assessment session

  1. A face to face feedback session is arranged. The report is explained and any questions may be asked. Many parents find this the most helpful part of the process and many assessment providers do not offer this service
  2. Follow up action is critical and requires parents to seek out the resources and approaches listed in order to best support the child. Ongoing support is available to teachers and parents as they implement the assessment recommendations.

I’m not sure whether to go ahead with the assessment:

Most parents and children are relieved to have answers after an assessment. Many found they could finally understand they were not ‘thick’ or ‘slow’, but like everyone else, had their own, individual set of strengths and needs. Cognitive profiling empowers the student to approach learning in a way more suited to their own needs. The recommendations made in the report can improve the educational provision the child receives by raising awareness and understanding. Assessment is a worthwhile investment.

Wait times are less than 4 weeks and you will be provided with a report within 2 weeks of the assessment date.

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