About Sarah

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Sarah’s qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Education, Primary – Queensland University of Technology, 2007
  • Oxford Cambridge Reward (OCR) Level 5 Certificate – Teaching learners with specific learning difficulties, 2011
  • Oxford Cambridge Reward (OCR) Level 7 Diploma – Teaching and assessing learners with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties, 2015
  • Assessment Practicing Certificate – Patoss, 2015 (Certificate number: 500002259-IF7105) Listed on the Patoss directory of qualified specialist assessors
  • Masters of Special Education (Advanced Research Pathway) – University of Southern Queensland, 2018

Sarah is a Dyslexia and Literacy expert with over 10 years of experience working with children with Dyslexia.


Sarah started her journey as a primary school teacher, moving on to work as a reading spelling coordinator at the Fairley House School, a school for students with Dyslexia. Sarah successfully innovated ‘Spelling’ to create ‘Word Study’. Word Study is a structured language approach that closely follows the International Dyslexia Association’s advice for best practice, called structured literacy.


Sarah lead a staff of 23 specialist teachers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists, and was responsible for training the staff and helping them through the transition to ensure the word study method was incorporated into their teaching practice.

Sarah has tutored and lectured on the OCR level 5 course, worked privately as an assessor and tutor, and lectured at various events for specific learning difficulties.


Now Sarah works as a specialist, providing training to teachers and schools on a wide range of subjects including best teaching practices for literacy and specific learning difficulties (SpLDs). Sarah also specialised in teaching spelling and implementing whole school-based approaches.

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“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach them the way they learn.”

Ignacio Strada

Testimonials heading_arrow

“Nick enjoyed the assessment process and thought Sarah was “really nice and fun”. I found it hugely helpful to establish what his particular issues are and to get so many invaluable tips from her on how to work with Nick to overcome them. Most importantly perhaps, it made sense to him and he appreciated being understood. He has found it encouraging and positive that there is specific action we can take to make things easier for him.”

Jo, mother of 16 year old son with specific learning difficulties in language

“Sarah’s lectures combined theory and practice. Her lectures were very well received and I have seen teachers truly inspired by what she delivered. Word spread and she was asked to lecture beyond the school. Sarah gave teachers feedback that helped them to become skilled and reflective practitioners, sharing her expertise and ideas generously. I highly recommend Sarah Mitchell as a teacher, assessor and teacher trainer.”

Jackie Murray, Principal Educational Psychologist, Fairley House School

“From the moment I spoke with Sarah about her process, I felt she had a personal touch which exceeded anybody else. For me, the post assessment meeting with full explanations and methods for the future were very impressive and made all the difference to our son. Sarah definitely helped us find the issues to address and pushed us forward happily. I would definitely recommend her!”

Megan, mother of 14 year old son with specific learning difficulties with language

“Sarah taught our daughter Molly English and Maths – she was a godsend. Molly really excelled. With Sarah’s help, she went from someone who really questioned her own abilities and who struggled at school to being one of the top in her year. Sarah recognised her potential and gave her the confidence to be the best that she could be. Molly’s happiness and success is in no small part due to the attention and care that Sarah gave her.”

Claudine, mother of 11 year old dyslexic daughter

“Sarah was amazing. She methodically picked through my daughter’s assessment report and pin pointed the best areas to work on.  After each hourly session, my daughter bounded out of the room, bursting with enthusiasm to show me how she was able to decipher ‘long complicated’ spellings, tell me little strategies to deal with various reading issues, and stories she had composed with Sarah’s help.  Sarah seems to have pressed the right buttons in my daughter to enable her to forget her worries and anxiousness and become a more confident individual, happy to admit to having difficulties now she feels she has what it takes to deal with them.  Thank you Sarah.”

Rebecca, mother of 10 year old dyslexic daughter

“Sarah taught Freddie to love learning again and not to be afraid of it.  Mistakes do not mean you can’t do it – Sarah helped him realise that mistakes help you learn. She encouraged him to be ambitious and want to achieve.”

Elspeth, mother of 10 year old dyslexic son

“Not only did Sarah provide specialist tutoring for my son, but also took an interest in concerns I raised about my daughter’s progress at school. Several informative conversations later, she completed a thorough assessment, which is now being used by a children’s centre to finalise a diagnosis of multiple specific learning difficulties.

Sarah is professional, knowledgeable, and engaged well with my two children who enjoyed their tutoring with her. My son in particular gained a lot of confidence as a result, which was noticed at school. I would definitely recommend Sarah if you have any concerns about your child’s performance at school. She has a broad, detailed and up-to-date understanding of learning difficulties, and what can be done to help.”

Tracy, mother of 10 year old dyslexic Son and 7 Year old dyscalculic and dyspraxic daughter