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Inspired Education Services is a Gold Coast dyslexia tutoring and consultancy service provider led by Sarah Mitchell which diagnoses and supports learners with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. Inspired Education Services also offers staff training and development opportunities for schools.
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Free Sample IEP Template – What is an Individual Education Program (IEP)?

An IEP is an important document that needs to be completed and reviewed periodically for every public school child who requires special education. This document is sometimes also called Individual Learning Plans (IPL). The main aim of using an IEP is to help the child achieve their educational targets.

Busy teachers need accessible IEPs. The IEP process has just got a whole lot easier! This practical, one page IEP plan sample template is easy to refer to and allows teachers (including visiting teachers) and parents to see at a glance the child’s needs and timetabled sessions. It’s yours for FREE and is fully editable! I borrowed this idea from Decoding Dyslexia, Oregon (, but added some of my own touches. This IEP example would be useful for mainstream teachers, those working in learning support, home school parents, or as a way to inform your child’s teachers of their needs at the start of the year.


Download your Free IEP Template [HERE]