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Reading and spelling teaching, inspired by scientific research.

Inspired by Scientific Research

About Inspired Education Services

Learning to live with dyslexia is an emotional journey for any child and their family. Getting the appropriate help can be a real challenge, as there are so many programs and services on offer, and not all of them are effective. Inspired Education Services aims to help families navigate their way through this journey, by providing supportive advice, using evidence based teaching methods, and offering comprehensive cognitive profiling. Sarah has a wealth of experience, a track record of achieving good progress, and the appropriate qualifications to work with students with dyslexia. At Inspired Education Services, we evaluate the strengths as well as the needs for each learner, then utilise these areas of strength to address needs

Many behavioural problems exhibited in classrooms, such as ‘acting the clown’, being disruptive, or remaining very quiet are often due to underlying learning difficulties. Once a child is given the right support, these problems can often be reduced or even eliminated. Inspired Education Services aims to raise dyslexia awareness and train teachers so that students with dyslexia can access classroom learning more effectively, and enjoy academic success.


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